Member companies

The Finnish Sawmills Association has more than 30 member companies, whose share of Finnish sawn timber production is approximately half.

FM Timber Oy

FM Timber is a family company which has grown in the past decade into a notable sawn timber and bioenergy producer.


HASA is a modern sawmill with production facilities in Haapajärvi, Haapavesi and Eskola. Plentiful stocks of timber and a central position have created the conditions for succesful sawmill operations.


Haka-Wood is largest birch sawmill in Europe, we have cut only birch timber over 60 years in middle of best birch forests. We offer high quality birch sawn timber for furniture industry all over the world.

Iisveden Metsä Oy

Iisveden Metsä is specialised in customer-oriented production. Our product range comprises mainly fix lengths, and also special dimensions.

Isojoen Saha Oy

We have been in business more than 60 years. The third generation of Hakamäki family is now developing and managing the company.

Jet-Puu Oy

Jet-Puu Oy specialises in serving the needs of the domestic housing and construction industry. In addition to producing saw timber, the company processes a significant portion of its timber production.

JPJ-Wood Oy

JPJ-Wood aims to be dynamic and reliable company in the traditional field of sawmilling. Our philosophy is to do our part in wood processing efficiently and tailored to the custumer’s needs.

Junnikkala Oy

Junnikkala’s modern sawmills in Kalajoki and Oulainen use high-quality wood to produce high-standard JULA manufactured wood products.

Kampin Saha Ky

Kamppi Sawmill is located at Pori. Our strengths are long customer relationships, high-quality products and realible supply.

Keitele Timber Oy

The Keitele Group values are customer orientation, sustainable development and efficiency. We provide timber and processed wood to more than 40 countries.

Kinnaskoski Oy

Our aim in production and other operational activities is to ensure that we produce top-quality sawn products and that deliveries are always made on time.

Koskisen Oyj

Koskisen Sawn Timber Industry produces traditional standard construction timber and processed planed timber and planed goods from Finnish Pine and Finnish Spruce.

Kouvolan Saha Oy

Kouvolan Saha Oy produces sawn and planed goods for export as well as for domestic use. Yearly production is around 20 000 m3, – half pine, half spruce.

Kuhmo Oy

Kuhmo Oy is a dynamic, international and independent sawmill company. Our operations are characterised by commitment to quality, individual customer service and the environment.

Lapuan Saha Oy

Lapua Sawmill Ltd produces 75 000 cbm high quality sawn goods. Main markets are located in Europe, Asia and North African countries.

Luopajärven Saha Oy

Luopajärvi’s long tradition and strong experience from the industry  combined with modern technology and proficiency of our  employees guarantee a high quality for our products.

Luvian Saha Oy

One of Finland’s largest private providers of sawn and further processed products. Since 1976, we have been a forerunner in our industry and have a strong belief in the demand for professionally treated wood.

Mäntsälän Saha Oy

The flexible production of Mäntsälä Sawmill enables the production of planing goods according to customers’ wishes. Exports account for over 60% of net sales.

Misawa Homes of Finland

Since 1994 Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd has produced and sold KD spruce lumber and purchased it from Scandinavia and other EU countries. KD lumber is exported to Japan.

Multian Saha Oy

The high quality of Multian spruce sawn timber stems from nature. We process this nature’s green cold with expertise and respect with more than 65 years of experience.

Orasko Oy

We at Orasko supply sawn timber according to our customers specific needs to European, Middle-Eastern, Asia Pacific and North African markets. We have our sawmill in Northwestern Finland. 

Pantsarin Saha Oy

Pantsari’s sawmill annually produces approx. 12,000 m3 of planed and impregnated products from the slow-growing and dense-grained pine of northern Finland.

Pölkky Oy

Pölkky Oy is the largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland. Our modern, efficient facilities uphold the high quality standard of our wood products, today and in the future.

Sahakuutio Oy

Sahakuutio Oy specializes in sawing and drying small-diameter pine and spruce. The quality and dimensions are guaranteed to meet each customer’s particular requirements.

Södra Wood Finland Oy

Södra offers consistent and reliable supply of strength-graded softwood and engineered wood products to customers nationwide.

Veljekset Vaara Oy

In addition to our standard dimensions for sawn timber, we also manufacture high quality wooden panels for use in interior design and construction.

Versowood Oy

Versowood is Finland’s largest private sawn timber producer and sawn timber goods supplier. Our sawmills produce 1,350,000 m³ of sawn timber as raw materials for wood construction.

Westas Oy

Westas Group is one of the largest private wood processing corporations in Finland. Two sawmills are located in western Finland, in a area known for its high-quality raw material.

Ålands Skogsindustrier Ab

Ålands Skogsindustrier Ab currently operates two sawmills, one in Godby and one in Önningeby. At Godby there is also a woodchippingmill for cellulose.

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This map shows the locations of our member companies in Finland.

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Association that promotes the interests of the Finnish sawmilling industry

The Finnish Sawmills Association promotes the business operations of its member companies by representing their interests. The association’s membership base consists of approximately 30 companies that operate throughout the country. Nearly all of our members are family companies with a face.