Cornerstone of the Finnish economy

Sawn timber was Finland’s fourth most important export item in 2021: its export value was EUR 2.8 billion. Sawmills utilise one third of the roundwood harvested in Finland annually, paying two thirds of forest owners’ stumpage earnings.

Sawn timber is a product that binds the carbon stored in forests for as long as centuries.

Finnish Sawmills Association

The Finnish Sawmills Association promotes the interests of the independent sawmilling industry. The association has more than 30 member companies.


A successful sawmill industry creates the conditions for wood construction solutions. Independent sawmills invest in competitiveness, and growing, healthy and sustainably managed forests not only secure raw material for industry, but also a carbon sink and diversity.

Matti Kylävainio, Chairman of the Board, Finnish Sawmills Association


Finnish Sawmills Association’s partner companies

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Association that promotes the interests of the Finnish sawmilling industry

The Finnish Sawmills Association promotes the business operations of its member companies by representing their interests. The association’s membership base consists of approximately 30 companies that operate throughout the country. Nearly all of our members are family companies with a face.