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The European Woodworking Industries are ready to match the EU increased ambition towards the 2030 Climate targets

THE EUROPEAN WOODWORKING INDUSTRIES ARE READY TO MATCH THE EU INCREASED AMBITION TOWARDS THE 2030 CLIMATE TARGETS    JOINT PRESS RELEASE  Today the European Commission announced the plan to start an upward revision of the 2030 EU climate targets in order to...

Working together is an asset

WORKING TOGETHER IS AN ASSET It takes at least two to make a team, and when you have a good team, you can achieve great things. To see a great team like this in action, all you need to do is travel to Central Finland. As a young girl, Anna Paananen had several career...

68th International Softwood Conference (ISC) will be a digital one in 2020

68TH INTERNATIONAL SOFTWOOD CONFERENCE WILL BE A DIGITAL ONE IN 2020   PRESS RELEASE    The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) and the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) announce that the 68th International Softwood Conference,...
Market deceleration in 2019 amid long-term raw material challenges

Market deceleration in 2019 amid long-term raw material challenges

  MARKET DECELERATION IN 2019 AMID LONG-TERM RAW MATERIAL CHALLENGES  EOS PRESS RELEASE    Between 16 and 18 October 2019 the 67th edition of the International Softwood Conference was held in Antwerp in the facilities of the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel. This...

Climate change is shaking up the sawn timber markets

Climate change is shaking up the sawn timber markets

CLIMATE CHANGE IS SHAKING UP THE SAWN TIMBER MARKETS Finland has enjoyed warm weather for two summers in a row now. The heat wave in Europe, however, was unbearable. People are being punished by climate change, but for many harmful insects, global warming brings...

Career inspiration from Finland

Career inspiration from Finland

CAREER INSPIRATION FROM FINLAND At the end of April, Max Schneider and a friend of his packed up the car and embarked on a road trip from southern Germany to Finland, a journey of more than 2,400 kilometres. Their destination was Versowood’s Vierumäki Sawmill, where a...

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The Finnish Sawmills Association promotes the business operations of its member companies by representing their interests. The association’s membership base consists of approximately 30 companies that operate throughout the country. Nearly all of our members are family companies with a face.